Saturday, June 1, 2013

Voice Technology in World Language

As a French teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate voice technology into my classroom so that students can actually record themselves speaking in the target language and submit these files to me electronically.  Because speaking is the most important of the four modes of communication that we teach, this is where I want to spend focus most of my energy.  Having students record files rather than just sharing in class (though we do this all the time) allows them the opportunity to listen to themselves and self-correct.  It also gives me the opportunity to provide a thorough critique of their skills rather than sharing what I can glean on the fly.  However, I also want to balance the time in class/time at home that incorporating technology will take.  Taking 20 minutes of class time to do accomplish via technology that we could do in 5 minutes just speaking in class ins't always the  best option.  I am going to look at Google Voice and Padlet to see if these options will be easy to incorporate into the classroom; beyond those, does anyone have any suggestions of useful programs or apps that would allow students to easily record themselves from school and home?  Thanks!

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