Saturday, June 1, 2013

Podcasts, I have not had the opportunity to ever discover this peculiar strategy and not sure how I would utilize it, my ignorance and a chance of boredom deters me. I do try to be a teacher who expands on all multiple intelligence and differentiate strategies of learning, but I confess listening to someone without visuals can be an epic fail for my personal learning so I disregard it and shelve it. But thinking about it I can see it being adapted into "Stations" or "Centers" for the younger grades, but how could it be adopted into the explorative classes like P.E.? Maybe if I am at a lucky school that is techno based and funded for it, using iPods/iTouches, while they're warming up they could be listening to the history of a particular sport or a muscle group they're working out, but again my worry would be a disconnect or fade away in day dream land.
I will definitely try Movie Maker, even for my personal professional profile would be much easier than iMovie! A very user friendly creation.

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