Saturday, June 1, 2013

Using audacity to read a test

As a special education teacher, I have used audacity to read tests and then download them to an iPad so my students can do their tests independently.  They do not have to wait for an adult to help them.  This keeps my students from feeling so different.  In the past, when I have made a mistake, I would erase the test and start over.  Now I know that I will be able to just erase the sentence or question that was recorded incorrectly.  It will shorten the time that I need to read the tests.  There are many other features of audacity that I am looking forward to explore.


  1. This is such a simple, but yet fantastic idea! I had only thought of using audicity as more of a presentation tool, but using it as an educational tool provides so many more possibilities and opportunities. Can you provide more details on how and where you save the audio file to replay for students later? I am thinking that saving it on an mp3 player or iPod (for students to use with headphones) would be the most efficient way to go about doing this.

  2. As a first grade teacher, teaching emergent readers, I could use audacity to do running records on my students. I can have them read into a microphone and I can go back and record my notes after. This might be a good tool because I don't have enough time each day to do running records on each student like I would like to, but if I could record them I could get even more information!

  3. I have taught special education for 15 years and wish I had heard of this sooner. We are always looking for ways to keep students from feeling different. Thanks for sharing your experiences.