Saturday, June 1, 2013


I used Edmodo this year in my 4th grade class and am hoping to increase the use of it next year as well. I feel like it created a close classroom community.  Students communicated with each other frequently and had a place for their voices to be heard.  I had students respond to different questions about what we were reading.  We responded to current events that we had discussed in class and even posted videos of current events that we had shared to enhance our comprehension.  I gave out assignments on Edmodo as well and had students respond to questions.  I also divided my class into sub-groups based on their reading group book and had discussion groups within our Edmodo group.  I'm hoping to find more ways to use it next year.


  1. I'm really excited to look at Edmodo for use in my classroom as well. I'm hoping it has the ability to embed audio files since I'm a French teacher.

  2. Is Edmodo only for school or could an individual who is not stationed at a school (or district) can gain access?