Saturday, June 1, 2013


This year I used Edmodo in my classroom.  I liked the way it got kids excited about learning. My favorite thing about Edmodo is that you can create small groups and pick who you want to be members of the group.    My main Edmodo page is where my class can communicated with others and post fun things.  Since I teach 4th grade, many parents do not allow their kids to be on Facebook or other social media sites so this is a great way for kids and parents to be part of a safe and monitored social media site.

I also create small groups for reading discussions, math enrichment projects, and other things.  These groups are just for responding to assignments or questions.  I created assignments for grades or typed questions where they had to respond as well as respond to others.  These types of assignments get more kids engaged in assignments and also help them practice their writing skills.

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