Saturday, June 1, 2013

Teaching tool about Guided Reading Books for Parents and Students

It is my hope as a Kindergarten teacher who must teach beginning students new to the whole school experience as well as teach some "new" parents what a guided reading book is and how the child has been instructed as well as interacted with the text before bringing it home to share with parents.  Parents often tell me that the book is too easy for their child and feel that the child had memorized the text rather than reading it.  I want to develop with help from my colleague and technology teacher at my school a podcast [by combining audacity and moviemaker] to teach the parent and child how the guided reading book should be used in before, during and after a reading for the child to get the most out of the guided reading the text.  Next I will post this podcast on the Kindergarten website for parents who have emailed me directly about concerns or questions.  Then the parent can accessthe podcast at their own convenience.  Hopefully this will help the parent and child gain a better understanding of a guided reading book.

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  1. That is a great idea! I am a parent of a kindergartner and would have loved to have a podcast that showed me how to effectively read with my little guy. It is easier for me to think about how to apply this type of technology with the upper level elementary aged students. I liked hearing an idea to apply this to Kindergartners.